Cycling to University? Yes!

The University of Twente is a pioneer in combining technology, science, and engineering with social sciences to impact the world around us. The challenges of our time are greater than before: global resilience, the digitalization of society, the improvement and personalization of healthcare, the reshaping of the world with smart materials and intelligent manufacturing. Technology has a leading role to play in providing solutions for complex societal challenges worldwide. People play a big role in this part as well. In the pursuit of understanding our planet and improving life for everyone on it, the University of Twente celebrates the bonds between mankind and technology, knowing that neither could exist, let alone flourish, without the other.

All of the research and education is aimed at making a difference in today’s society while setting up the next generation for the future. In this pursuit, the entrepreneurial mindset and global awareness of the many talented scientists, educators, and students lead to move beyond differences, disciplines, borders. The cross-disciplinary way of working that characterizes the university, opens up unexpected possibilities, especially in combination with creativity and excellence in scientific disciplines. The distinctive educational model, engineering approach, and open culture generate new ideas, new energy, new ways forward.