The Wahweenga study tour is a three week intercontinental trip for students, during which students will conduct research with a theme related to the visiting country. In September 2022, Study Tour Wahweenga is going to the eastern coast of Canada and the United States with a group of thirty Biomedical Engineering and Technical Medicine students, accompanied by six supervisors, from the University of Twente. During the study tour, we will visit companies, universities and institutes with different areas of interest in the (bio)medical and biotechnical field. We will exchange knowledge and learn about the state of the art research that is conducted here. Besides these educational activities, cultural and nature trips are organized to learn more about the local history and traditions.

Preparations of the study tour

Prior to the Wahweenga Study Tour, the participating students will carry out an investigation on topics like culture, history, economic situation, geography and healthcare. They will also receive lectures on some of these topics, leading to in-depth knowledge and broadening of their research. This educational process will funnel into an in-depth research, with multiple research topics, related to the biomedical field in Canada and the United States. Besides educational research, the participants will also carry out a contract research or case study. The aim of this case study is to gain professional experience as well as financing a major part of the Study Tour. A contract research project consists of an assignment from a research group at the University of Twente, a company or a hospital, which we try to fit with the affiliations of the students. Every student will spend 120 hours on a case study and it’s also possible to assign multiple student to one project if the project is larger than 120 hours. Click here to view the description of some of our case studies. 

During the study tour

During the visit to Canada and the United States, we will visit companies, universities and institutes, as this offers the opportunity to learn about the organization and work ethic in Canada and the United States, as well as to complete the academic research project. With visitations to the various companies in the biomedical field, we will also learn more about the (bio)medical technologies in Canada and the United States. For companies, our visit is an opportunity to get valuable contacts in the Netherlands and to learn more about the University of Twente and our partners. Visits to universities and institutes facilitate gaining in-depth knowledge about the research being done in the biomedical field.

Your part in this study tour

Are you interested in the study tour and do you want to collaborate with us? There are multiple ways to do so! You can find them here. In short, we are looking for useful contacts in the eastern coast of Canada and the United States and for contacts in the Netherlands with possible case studies to finance the study tour.

We are already collaborating with many organizations, like the University of Twente and several other companies. Several leading prominents have recommended cooperation with the students from the study tour Wahweenga research project. If you are interested in who they are and what they said about the study tour, make sure to click here to read their letters of recommendation. We hope that you are interested in contributing to the study tour and want to discuss the options for cooperation.