For our study tour, Wahweenga, we asked different citizens whether they would recommend us to technical medical companies, institutes, hospitals, etcetera in Canada and the United States. Hereunder, one can find the members of our Board of Recommendation and their quota.

Martin van Pernis

Former CEO and president of Siemens Netherlands and the Royal Institute of Engineers

“In my position as former president of the Royal Institute of Engineers KIVI, as well as in my role as CEO and President of Siemens Netherlands and regional manager for the Siemens business in North West Europe, I was able to get acquainted with the curriculums Biomedical Engineering and Technical Medicine. At an early stage, the Technical University of Twente initiated these disciplines and has now proven the enormous added value they have in healthcare.”

Letter of Recommendation

Prof. Marcel Levi

President Dutch Research Council (NWO) and professor of Medicine

“I am looking forward to seeing this proposed project going forward and to observing how its implementation will contribute to a little step forward to perfection in medical technology. The participating students will have a fantastic experience and will experience a great educational opportunity. Hence, I feel no hesitation whatsoever to recommend this project to you and to become a part of this wonderful Wahweenga.”

Letter of Recommendation

Prof. Tom Veldkamp

Rector Magnificus University of Twente

“The entire research project will be conducted by highly skilled and motivated Biomedical Engineering and Technical Medicine students. I fully support this ambitious research project and eagerly await the findings and experiences of the participating students.”

Letter of Recommendation

Prof. Nico Verdonschot

Scientific Director Technical Medical Centre

“They are now organizing the study trip to Canada and the United States to assess “How do the technical (bio)medical sectors of Canada and the United States strive towards perfection?”. I believe that this topic is of high interest because, although in The Netherlands we have a thriving medical-technical industry and one of the best health care systems, there is much to be learned from the way healthcare and industry do things differently and (perhaps) more perfectly. There are large differences how entrepreneurs and start-ups run their businesses and how they are funded.”

Letter of Recommendation

Heleen Miedema, Katja Haijkens & Jasper Homminga

Educational Board of Biomedical Engineering and Technical Medicine

“The participating students are motivated to think and work on a global scale, which encourages (future) collaboration on global health issues. Especially seen in light of the highly developed and leading position of the biomedical and health sector in Canada and the United States.”

“Both Biomedical Engineering and Technical Medicine are highly ranked study programmes at the University of Twente. The unique combination of these students within the course of this project brings out the maximum of innovative and realistic possibilities to medical problems.”

Letter of Recommendation

Theo Bovens

Mayor of Enschede