We hope you have become as enthusiastic about the Wahweenga Study Tour as we are! If you are, you might like to contribute or be a part of the Wahweenga study tour:  

  • We are looking for contacts in Toronto, Montreal, Boston and New York that might help us organize visits to hospitals, biomedical research institutes or biomedical companies.
  • We also seek collaboration with biomedical companies in the Netherlands. This collaboration encompasses a (bio)medical contract research of ~120 hrs. Possible assignments include a market study, literature study, small scientific research, practical research or similar. More information regarding collaboration can be found in Information contract research.
  • You can also sponsor us! For €500 your company or institute can be placed on the website and in the final reports, which contain summaries of the conducted contracts and academic research. The final reports are given to all the companies and institutes that collaborated with us.  

If you would like to set up a collaboration with us or if you have any questions, please contact us!