Meet the committee

The study tour is organized by the study tour committee of S.V. Paradoks. The committee consists of six enthusiastic students who organize an unforgettable study tour to Canada and the US.

Contact the committee

Daan Imholz – Chairman

Hi! My name is Daan and I’m 21 years old. As the chairman of the committee I will be taking care of the general progress and planning in order to make this study tour memorable. Furthermore, I am studying the master track Medical Sensing and Stimulation, from the Technical Medicine master program. Besides these activities, I enjoy spending time with friends and all different kinds of sports, from playing soccer with v.v. Drienerlo to running or race biking. I am looking forward to an insightful and exciting year, and I am confident that the coming academic year will be crowned with a magnificent study tour.

Maud Kempers – Treasurer

Hi! My name is Maud and I am 21 years old. I am almost finished with my bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. In February I will start with the track Bioengineering Technologies from the Biomedical Engineering master. This year I will be the treasurer of the study tour committee. This means I will be responsible for the finances of the upcoming study tour. Outside of studying, I have been active in the study association Paradoks and I like to spend time with my friends and housemates. I am really looking forward to the amazing study tour we have ahead of us.

Robin Geesken – Education Affairs

Hi! My name is Robin, I am 21 years old and I am responsible for Education Affairs for the study tour committee. My role is to make sure the study tour becomes a course in the study program and everyone is prepared to meet businesses, institutes, hospitals, universities, and cultures in Canada and the United States. I study Medical Sensing and Stimulation, the master track of Technical Medicine. Besides this, I am an active student and play field hockey and ice skating at the student sports associations here. This year I am going to live up to the study tour with my committee and the participants and make sure that the study tour becomes unforgettable!

Nikki Postmus – Travel Affairs

Hi, I’m Nikki, 21 years old and in the upcoming year I will be fulfilling the function of Travel Affairs. Most of the time I will be busy assembling an awesome program of the study tour, which consists of activities like business and university visits, but also cultural trips. Anyway, the study tour committee is a part-time committee so the other half of the time I will spend on the Technical Medicine master, specifically the Medical Imaging and Intervention track. Besides Paradoks I’m also active at the student hockey association DHC and sometimes you can find me at the CrossFit association, Hercules. I’m looking forward to assembling an amazing study tour this year!

Lars van Krimpen – Travel Affairs

Hi! I’m Lars (21 years old) and together with Nikki, I will be in charge of arranging site visits in Canada and the United States of America. Besides my involvement in the study tour, I also study Medical Sensing and Stimulation, a track of Technical Medicine. In my free time I like to play football at Drienerlo, go for a run or bike ride and have fun with friends.

Jesse van der Duin – External Relations

Hi my name is Jesse van der Duin, 21 years old, and I am currently studying Technical Medicine,  specializing in Medical Imaging and Intervention. People often describe me as an energetic and enthusiastic young man who likes to face a challenge. The past three years, I have already been active in several associations, like Paradoks (study association), Piranha ( sport association) and MSCS (fraternity). However, this year I wanted to organize something bigger. For that reason I joined the studytour committee. I will hold the position of external relations and I will contact research groups, companies and institutions to finance this wonderful tour!