Study tour Wahweenga will take place in Canada and the United States in September 2022. Before this study tour, the participants will learn more about the countries and their technical medical businesses during an academic course. Below, we will explain our theme Wahweenga.

About Wahweenga

The theme of the study tour is ‘Wahweenga’, which means precision and perfection in the native Ojibwe language. Ojibwe is an Algonk language spoken by indigenous peoples of Canada and the central-north United States. Wahweenga refers to the perfectionism that prevails in Canada and the United States. The competition between companies, institutions and even individuals is immense, which means that only the perfect is good enough in Canada and the United States. During this study tour and in the preliminary research, the participants will analyze the biomedical industries, the perfectionistic culture in the technical medical field and the general work ethic, whereafter a comparison with the industry in the Netherlands could be made. More information about the education programme can be found here.

The study tour itself

Study tour Wahweenga consists of a three-week visit to Toronto, Montreal, Boston and New York. There, we will visit hospitals, companies and other (bio)medical institutes. Besides this, we will spend ample time on cultural activities that Canada and the United States have to offer, such as visiting the Niagara Falls. More information about the tour itself can be found here.